September 9th, 2002

my lips

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I said it before (right after Sept 11 last year), and I'll say it again.
We, as Americans (I know not all of you reading my journal are Americans--I'm just talking about those of you who are), are hated simply because we are Americans.
We are hated most of all by most of the Arab world.
They think we have intruded on them and are trying to 'convert' them to be more like us.
As such, they think we all need to be destroyed.
1) So that we no longer can 'infect' them of our ways.
2) To show that they are more powerful.
3) So they out-survive us 'til the apocalyse and go to their heaven.
4) Because war is all they know.

We are hated because of our freedoms.
We are hated because of our opportunities.
We are hated because of our rights.
We are hated because of our conceit.

How is it to know that someone wants you and your children dead simply because you were born in America? It doesn't matter if you're white, black, asian, or even arab. If you are American, or associate with them, you must die.
I don't really like that thought. Do you?
You, your parents and grandparents, children and grandchildren--all evil, simply because you're American.

They don't see us as individuals. They don't see that each one of us strives to make a better world for ourselves. They don't see that we all haves fears and joys. It doesn't matter.
We are a disease; a virus. We must be destroyed... at all costs.
If death comes to them while trying to destroy us, they are instant martyrs to be celebrated and honored, for they have a place with their God.

Sounds fucking sick to me.