August 29th, 2002

my lips


For those of you who are close enough (unfortunately, this excludes most of you, unless you can afford to travel):
My house-warming party is tentatively set for Sept. 21st.
It's going to be an all-day event, so people at work who have to work that day can come by before and/or after work.
This is not a house-warming party where you need to bring gifts. I am fine in the knick-knack department. Just bring yourselves. If you want to bring food or drink or pot, that's fine. For the time being, e-mail me at if you want my address and directions.
my lips

(no subject)

Damn, the live webcast from Burning Man will be using Quicktime.
I'll be at work that night. And the admins have got the computers set up not to download programs. And Quicktime is one that isn't installed.
So, that means I won't be able to watch the live webcast.