August 24th, 2002

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Imagine you have a herd of sheep. For those of you who actually do have a herd of sheep, this shouldn't be too hard. For those of us who don't, we have to imagine a little harder.
This herd of sheep you have has one function, you make clothing from their wool.
Now I want you to imagine that you also have a few house pets, dogs, cats, rabbits, etc. Once again, this will probably be easier if you really do have these types of animals.
Okay, let's get one thing straight. These are house pets, nothing more. These are the animals you play with and give you licks on the nose when you come home from a hard day at work. They don't hunt mice, chase squirrels, or have any other duties outside of being pets.
So one day comes along, and you see that the grass in your neighbor's field looks a little fuller than yours, quite a bit greener, and doesn't have sheep shit all over the place. So you decide to move your herd of sheep to the neighbor's field.
Between the fields there is a railroad track.
You have your herd of sheep half way across this track when you suddenly notice a freight train coming straight at your herd.
So I ask you this: Would you put your house pets between the train and your herd of sheep, hoping that the conductor will try stopping for the cats and dogs?

Suddam Hussein is. His sheep are his soldiers. His house pets, the very things that he is supposed to love and protect are innocent women and children.
He has made it very clear to the United States that if we attack, he will hide his soldiers behind and among innocent women and children.
Why? Because he knows our weakness is humanitarianism. We don't want to see innocent life lost.
Remember the phrase, "All is fair in love and war"?
If Suddam thinks it's fair to put innocent people in harm's way, then, in essence, he's turning those innocents into soldiers. Granted, they are soldiers against their own will (at least most of them anyway), they are still soldiers.

We are damned if we sit here doing nothing while Suddam Hussein builds up his arms.
We are damned if we attack his country.
We are repeating history if we continue on this track of just waiting. If we wait too long, he will prove he has the capability of launching nuclear weapons simply by doing so.
If we're damned either way, let's at least prevent some nuclear warheads from going off by destroying him now. Yes, it'll mean losing a few house pets. But maybe, just maybe, we'll save a huge population of the planet.
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Hung out with pyrophilia today. Took some pictures. Brought her over to see my new house. She liked it. :)

Then we had sushi. Yummy.

I'm tired and don't feel well. Damn stomach again. All week long. Grrr (no, it wasn't the sushi.
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