June 27th, 2002

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What a weird feeling it must be to feel death taking over.
People who are asleep when death comes can't feel it.
And people who die instantly in some kind of accident that they don't see coming can't feel it.
But people who are awake and have a heart attack or a cancer consuming their bodies can.

What do you think in that one moment from the time your heart stops and when you fall unconscious? There isn't an adrenaline rush, blood still needs to be moving through your body for that, and with the heart stopped, no blood is moving. But I'm sure those adrenaline glands are sure as heck trying! Especially if you're aware something is wrong!

What do you think about while you're lying in bed and a cancer is slowly eating your life away. You're told you have 6 months left to live. 3 months left. 1 month. 1 week. You might not make it through the night.

I got a call last night.
A girl I went to school with had some kind of face cancer. That part I've known about for about a year. Since then, she's had several surgeries on her face, and they were able to remove most of the cancer, although I don't know how disfiguring the surgeries were to her face.
The call was to let me know that the cancer won. She died the day before.
She had been a good friend of mine when we were in school.
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