June 22nd, 2002

my lips

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I got another responce from the local magazine which showcases people who do different things than most.
I had written them a couple of weeks ago asking if they'd be interested in publishing some fire-dancer photos.
This time, the editor, himself, wrote back.
Said he was very interested.
He said they book bands, artists, and entertainers... actually, he didn't use punctuation, so I don't know if that's artists and entertainers that perform with bands, or if 'bands' is seperate.
He also said that they are planning a music festival in October and Decemeber, and thought the fire-dancers would be a great addition.

Still kinda sounds like they would want me to arrange things.
I'll have to get more info.
my lips

(no subject)

T-minus 2 hours and 15 minutes to Hell.
I'm working with the two slowest x-ray techs in the world, tonight. It's going to be utter hell for me because I'll be doing all the work.
The only worth these two people have are that they are warm bodies. I am so not looking forward to work tonight.