May 29th, 2002

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Just entered amc's sweepstakes to win a free week at film camp, where I can learn how to make movies.
The worst that can happen is that I don't win, so it's not that big of a deal... I can still go to amc's film camp, just not for free.

I still haven't written anything, but I do have 2 ideas in my head for short movies.

I need to write them down!!!!! (in script format)


Oh yeah, I'm going to start reading a book by Gerald Schroeder called, "The Science of God." Supposed to bring science and the bible together, as opposed to making them mutually exclusive. From what I've heard, it's a good book.
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Sometimes I hate reading books that make you think just before trying to go to bed.
I'm going to be up all night thinking... but not necessarily about things that I'm reading.
Instead, I will contemplate things that have haunted me since I was little.
For example, has anyone ever noticed that the DNA spiral looks amazingly like a three dimensional representation of a sine wave. That actually makes me wonder if we're misrepresenting electrical currents and other forces that are visually represented as a sine wave incorrectly when we do it at a two dimensional level. What I mean by that is, why are we still using 2D to represent a wave pattern when it can very well be 3D?
And speaking of DNA, has anyone ever found a relationship between the spiral of our genes and the exponential spiral? I mean, the exponential spiral is a pretty basic pattern in the Universe, and our genetic make-up seems to also be a standard (ie. Universal) pattern. For example, did you know that every creature that has vision uses the exact same gene as every other creature that has vision? The same gene is used repeatedly from phyla to phyla for the ability to see its environment.
I could go on and on. And this isn't even stuff that's covered in the book I'm reading. The book I'm reading tries to join science and the Bible (not necessarily teachings of the Church, which we can agree aren't the same thing). It's a book that tries to merge concepts to show that each can be telling the same story, just from a different point of view. And as such, it makes me think. And that's when I start contemplating the things which I have mentioned above. And I've only just read the first two chapters. He's just introducing material at this point.
So, in the following days or even weeks, I will probably be spouting out a bunch of bizarre facts on physics (one of my loves) and revelations about the Bible which I hadn't yet contemplated, but this guy has. Forgive me.
Not that any of you really read my posts... at least it seems that way these last couple of weeks. Maybe I need to post more photos of naked women, eh? Geesh!
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What an absolutely beautiful day it was today. And I spent it out on the boat with a friend from work who, until today, had kept flaking on me to go out all month. Only drawback is that I got sun-burned on my face, back and chest. I didn't realize I had been in the sun long enough to burn me before putting on the sunscreen. I know I know, you're supposed to put it on before getting in the sun... well, I did want to have a little sun before I put it on... I guess we lost track of time.
But I still had a good time today. There was almost no one out on the water... it's a work day and everyone is back from their memorial day weekend, not too many people have a day off in the middle of the week.
Yes, I drank plenty of water, no beer, and only one soda.
Came back home around 6. I was supposed to go out with my mom tonight to a movie, but she wasn't feeling well. That was okay, because I was so tired after all the sun I had, so I've been sleeping since around 7 until about 30 minutes ago.
Now I'm starving!!!!
The debate: go get food, or make something myself.
I think I'm going to go to In 'N Out Burger. Yeah.
C ya!