April 12th, 2002

my lips

(no subject)

I can't seem to get anyone to hang out with me anymore.
People always cancelling their plans with me at the last minute.
Then I'll call people who like to do spur of the moment things, they say they'll come play with me. Then, 30 minutes later cancel as well.
It's Friday night... I just got paid...
And I want to do something more than just fucking sit here.
my lips

(no subject)

I'll be painting myself on webcam in about 20 minutes. (midnite, my time)
Cam's on now, but you're not going to see much until the time I said.

I don't have any kind of chat up, but you can AIM me (SorcieAryx) or write me e-mail (Aryx@attbi.com) if you want.