January 29th, 2002


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Yay, tomorrow the cable guy comes to install cable for my 'puter... no more dial up.
I am going to try to figure out a way to set the old computer up as a server to either have my website there, or just as a place for all my pictures.
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Why am I awake so damned early? I've already eaten and dressed, and now I'm just sitting here playing on the computer. The cable guy won't get here until at least 1... that's what they said, from 1 to 5 tonight. So why am I awake???
I need to blame someone.


Okay, cable is installed.
However, the cable from the phone pole to the house (called a drop) isn't the correct guage, so I don't get an adequate signal to the cable modem. The guy went ahead and set the configuration on the new computer to the cable, so I actually can't use that yet to access the net. So, I'm using the old computer which uses only dial-up until that other cable is replaced. That could take up to 7 days. He's crediting my account by that many days just because I'm still not connected. He also said that hopefully they can come out tomorrow to do that.

Note to Badger: the guy saw immediately that I originally had these two computers networked and knew what my plans would be. We'll have to make a call to validate the hub if I want to have both 'puters connected. So much for doing it your way. Sorry. But now I'm really going to need your help once cable is installed to the hub to get both systems working.