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Well, I actually did it.
Friday, I went into Modesto to the hobby store and got myself a remote control helicopter kit.
I've already spent between 8 and 9 hours on it... it's kind of hard to do when kitty wakes up from her naps and wants attention while I'm in the middle of working with really tiny parts or the scalpel.
But, the frame is together, motor is in, servos and gyro is on board, and I'm in the process of hooking up the servos to the mast controls. It's finally starting to become fun, because I get to keep turning the power on and off to check that everything is ligned up correctly and making adjustments. This also means that I'm getting practice in with the R/C... already starting my skills at moving the sticks around smoothly. :)
I still have to add the tail boom (2 or 3 more steps) and then I put on the blades.
After that, it's a matter of making minor adjustments (which can actually take several hours of starting up the motor and spinning the blades, turning it off, removing blades, balance, putting blades back on, and repeating the whole process about 40 times. hehehe)
It will still be some time before I actually get to fly it... I'm guessing I'll start learning to hover within a week. I'll still be making adjustments during that phase, too. So that will probably take me a little longer.
There's no way I'm going to work on forward flight until I can get to a hover--and even when I start forward flight, I'll have to get back to hover. I have a book that explains things in great detail. I've already read most of it. But I'll reread the areas that I'm about to work on in great depth and make sure I understand what is being said before I try anything new.
I'm getting excited!!!!
Oh wait... nope, I just have to go pee...

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