November 13th, 2001


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There have been quite a few of you who have had birthdays in the last couple of weeks... Happy belated born-day to all of you... sorry I wasn't able to make them personal messages.


And another one, today.
Happy born-day, artsyvenus.

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Normally, I don't really give a crap about IQ tests. To me, they are a waste of time and energy, and I feel that someone's IQ can be determined by the way a person speaks and acts.

But I saw that someone else had taken one (thanks serraph) so I figured what the hell, it's not time for me to go to bed yet, but I'm bored, partly drunk (yes, I took the test drunk) and wanted something to entertain myself with.

Here are my results:
Thank you for recently taking the Self Discovery Workshop's IQ Test.
Because of the Internet's ability to mishandle transmissions, we are
reconfirming via email that your IQ Test score was: 151

If you wish to purchase your Complete Personal Intelligence Profile,
you can do so by going to this address:

You may return to this address anytime to view your score. You can
use your Netscape or Microsoft Internet Explorer browser software to
bookmark this page's location.

Our test usually gets within 5 points of the professional tests--a
remarkable feat for a 13 minute test.

Our test gives you a quick and fast measurement of your abilities, and
that can indicate directions for you to take.

Average: 85 - 115
Above average: 116 - 125
Gifted Borderline Genius: 126 - 135
Highly gifted and appearing to be a Genius to most others: 136 - 145
Genius: 146 - 165
High Genius: 166 - 180
Highest Genius: 181 - 200
Beyond being measurable Genius: Over 200

Wow, they claim that the score is correct give or take 5... so that means I am anywhere between 146 and 156.
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I'm actually up early today. Since around 10.
I'm waiting for the mailman (yes, I have a male mailman, so I can say mailman instead of mail lady or mail person, or even postal carrier).
I'm hoping that I'll get my helicopter's blade balancer today.
Keeping my fingers crossed.
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I need to lie down... only 5 hrs of sleep... gotta rest for a little longer... guess I'll just have to hope mr postman doesn't come if I drift off into sleep. I don't like little yellow papers "come pick up your package"...
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One of my co-workers has suddenly developed an interest in Elizabeth Short... aka, The Black Dahlia.
He said he couldn't find anything on the net.
He must've not been looking very well... I found all the same stuff that I viewed last year about her.
I wonder what got him interested...
I'm not anymore, I researched it last year.
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You know, as much as I am irritated at those X10 pop-up camera ads... I'm almost tempted to get one to see if I can hook it up to my remote control helicopter.