October 3rd, 2001

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Last April I ordered a flash tube online for my camera lights.

I received an e-mail several days later stating that they had to back order the flash tube that I needed. It would take 7 to 10 days before they could get it in stock and send it off to me.

1 month later, I sent them an e-mail stating that it had now been a month, where was my flash tube.
I never got a response. I never got any updates. For the past several months I have let other things occupy my thoughts. The contract was they wouldn't charge my credit card until the tube had shipped. I didn't really forget about the tube, but I figured that it just wouldn't get filled, and I wouldn't do business with that company again.

I just opened up my e-mail. Item order shipped 10/02/2001. Tube cost, $47. Shipping cost, $9.95.

WTF! After all this time and they're still going to charge me full price? I don't think so! I will e-mail them back tonight AND call them tomorrow requesting that at the very minimum, they eat the shipping cost, if not shave a few bucks off the price of the tube. It's been almost 6 months since I placed that order!

If I was a professional photographer, I would've lost thousands of dollars in accounts because I didn't have my full lighting capabilities. I would've lost thousands of dollars if I had to buy a whole new set of lights. Those lights really do cost that much. I really do have over $10000 in camera equipment... that's ten thousand dollars! Having photography as a "hobby" is very expensive. That is if you're going to do it right.

Sorry... a little bitter right now, and over a 50 dollar tube doesn't seem too logical. But, I think for the reasons I explained, it makes a little sense. I'm just glad that I'm not a professional!
my lips

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I didn't know Franka Potente was in the movie, Blow.
She played Barbara... the girlfriend who dies of cancer right after George Jung goes to prison for the first time.
Who is Franka Potente, you ask?
She's the woman who plays Lola in the movie, Run Lola Run. The same movie the icon this message is attatched to is from. (Go ahead, you can look at the icon.)