September 10th, 2001

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Added more to my Burning Man '01 website.
Thumbnails are still not set up to load in the larger picture, and I have yet to get to the actual pictures of the Man burning. I'm almost there, however.
It also appears that I will need to force the text font size to be the same for everyone. I generally like my code to allow people to have their own font styles and sizes, but as I'm removing the scroll bars for this version, I need everything else to work properly.
I'm also waiting for feedback from one person to see if I have permission to use a picture.
If all goes well, I can finish everything up by the end of the week and have it all uploaded by next weekend.
Once again, here's the link, if you'd like to see what I've got so far:
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Just got e-mail saying I can use the picture. So my site will pretty much look the way it is now, except, as I've said, I need to get pictures of the Burn, and then a few others as well.
At this point, I've already got 100 thumbnails loaded in. This is going to be my biggest Burning Man section yet.
The average file size for the full sized pictures is around 85kb, and 100 of those quickly jumps me to 8mb disc space. I have 3 previous years' burning man pictures, plus a big Galaxxy Chamber site, so I'm not sure how much room I have (50MB is my max). And all of the pictures that have been posted in my journal, not to mention Cody's journal, are also stored on my server...
So I'm fairly certain that I'm going to have to move some stuff. I'll probably move Galaxxy Chamber and BM pics from '98 and '99 to free servers, with auto-links to them from my site.
This should be enough so that I know I have plenty of space to upload all of my full-sized images... yay!
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I can't wait 'til January!
1) It's my birthday, and
2) One of my best friends is coming to see me for a few days. I haven't seen her in over a year! In fact, I think it was last summer that I saw her last.
I know Cody is anxious to see her too.
She says she would rather fly in to Sacramento, but I gave her the option of San Francisco, too... so I've just got to wait until she tells me for sure where... probably still Sacto.


Damn, I just made some rice a little differently than you're supposed to... tastes pretty damn good... will have to remember that when I make rice for my stir-fry.


Oh yeah, I think I'm supposed to go pick up Cody tonight... guess I better call and find out for sure.
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Home for Lunch

Talked with Pyrophilia earlier... I'm gonna go pick her up from her martial arts class tomorrow and we're gonna go out to Thai food. Haven't had that in a long time. And I was craving it last week.
Looking forward to some Thai iced tea! Nummies!
I think tomorrow I'll get the plane ticket ordered/bought, so my friend can come down from Seattle for my born-day.
Juggling festival coming up first weekend in October.
Burning Man decompression party coming up second weekend in October.
Lots of stuff going on!