August 5th, 2001

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Been looking thru e-bay and online marine supply stores for a small motor to put on my boat. I've got the little trolling motor, but I'm thinking about a gas motor as well.
I don't know about the rest of the country, but CA is banning 2 stroke engines, so I need to find a 4 stroke.
The cheap stuff on e-bay is either 2 stroke or doesn't work very well, or is taken completely apart, or something else. The other ones are new, or "just used once" type; but those are more expensive.
I will probably go to a boat store to see if there any postings up on a bulletin board or if the people know of any used ones, or have any cheap new ones.
I was drooling as I looked thru the online marine stores at all the boats I could possibly want. Getting a boat is so much cheaper than a kit helicopter or airplane... which I also plan to have (maybe) someday.
But I'm happy I have a boat... even a little aluminum fishing boat is cool!