August 2nd, 2001

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I'm bored...
gotta go to work soon. At least that's something to do...
I hope it's not a shitty night, though. Last night we had to do 2 cases that are normally reserved for the day time. These are long exams, several hours. So that basically took one of the techs away for the entire night. Which also means it took up one of the rooms the entire night.
My week is just starting.
Next day off: Tuesday.
24 more days 'til I take off for Burning Man.
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I predict that within the next 100 years, I will be dead.
Furthermore: I also predict that anyone reading this withing the next 10 years will also be dead 100 years from now.

What does this all mean?

I have no clue... but, if we're all gonna be dead together, why don't we all live together?! ;)
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I don't even have myself on my own friend's list. What kind of evil person am I?
Well, if I ever decide to put myself on my own friend's list, I'm going to remember this incident and remove myself immediately!
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I just did a search on for Aryx.
First one that comes up is my Burning Man page for 1998.
The second listing is my actual website, Aryx' Mausoleum.
Okay, that's not so weird... but I have my website at, not But if you look at the addresses to these sites, they say, and not, .
Both links will take you to the exact same place.
So I'm guessing that softcom uses promedia.
How come I never knew that before?

And the bigger question! How come my livejournal account isn't showing up within the first few sites. It used least in yahoo... let me check that out.
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Yahoo search results for Aryx:
1) Aryx' Mausoleum (my site)
2) Aryx' LiveJournal (my site)
3) Aryx' DeadJournal (my site) <-- that's surprising
4) Aryx' LiveJournal [back 25 posts] (my site)
12) Aryx' Temple of Rudra (my site)
17) Some site that has a guestbook which I signed about 3 or 4 years ago.

Wow, that's a lot of sites with me. I must be special or something.
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Okay, now I'm bored being at work... what's up with that?
Before work, I was anxious to get here because I was bored at home... now I'm bored here.
My life must be boring.
If I wasn't in such a bizarre mood right now, I think I'd try to be depressed or something.