July 25th, 2001

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Nothing too exciting going on the net tonight. :(
I went to http://www.humanforsale.com to see what my value as a human was, and it told me that it sent me my value to my e-mail address... but after 3 hours, I still haven't gotten it. So I filled it out again and sent it to an alternative e-mail account, and I still haven't gotten that one.
I guess that means I am worth so little that it isn't even bothering to e-mail my results to me.
It probably had a devide by zero error or something. Maybe it doesn't know how to turn "Loser" into a monetary figure.
I think I'll pick some scabs off my face.
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"Hi! How are you?

I send you this file in order to have your advice

See you later. Thanks"

For those of you who have not gotten the e-mail with the SirCam virus, this is what the text looks like. Reading the text won't do anything, it's opening the attatchment that will cause the problem. If you see this message, just delete the whole e-mail. The From and Subject in the headers could be just about anything, even people you really know. If you suspect any piece of e-mail to be a virus, delete it.
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I still feel icky poo poo.
My energy levels are beginning to fall... as I am unable to eat as much as I am supposed to.
My stomach pains are no where as intense as they were on Monday, but I still get that upset to my tummy feeling.
Waking up with headaches, too... which may indicate dehydration, except that I know I'm drinking my water...although that doesn't mean my body is absorbing it.
I don't want to go to work today... I just want to lay down and sleep.

I guess 2001 is the year that I am supposed to be sick... which sucks, I don't ever want to be sick. I will continue to fight it. I will prevail! And when Death comes finally knocking on my door, he'll look at me and just say, "Whoops! Wrong door," and walk away embarassed!
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Is everyone still having problems reading their friend's lists?
I never experienced any problems... maybe because I'm usually on at a time of night when the servers aren't being maxed out.