July 4th, 2001

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It was way too hot to do anything that I had planned today. I was planning on working on a Burning Man project some more (I started my light-tower). I'm heading to Wal-Mart soon to pick up a tent, and maybe a little air-mattress or something. Several people have offered me their sleeping bags.
Less than 2 months to go... just have to work on 2 projects (as I've said, I've started the first one), buy the water and food, rent a generator, and find a trailer, and I'm set.

I still have 2 tickets to Burning Man that I have to get rid of--I'd still prefer taking someone that I know, to keep me company on the road and watch as they experience this event for the first time. But, if I can't find anyone soon, I will have to sell them.
my lips

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Busy day at work...
Holidays usually aren't like that... usually very slow...
Nothing in particular going on, a little bit of everything: twisted ankles, drunks, car accidents, seizures... nothing that is "themed."

Glad it's over.

Watched the fireworks from the helipad on the roof. :)
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