June 18th, 2001

my lips

Hakuna Matata

You know... I've started listening to the radio again lately. The alternative sound sounds exactly like it did in the early 90's! Different artists, worse lyrics, but the music sounds the same! Still sounds like Alice in Chains and Nirvana... but the words! OMG! What is up with:
"It's been a while... since such and such"
"Had a bad day, again..." and breaking shoe laces and spilling coffee! I mean, if that's a bad day and makes you slam the door, I'd hate to try to make you happy! Shit!

I thought music was supposed to convey a message of the current state of affairs. This music is telling me that we're placing small and mundane things as important.

And what's with the radio playing something that has the lyrics like, "...could kill a man..." Now that's just great! Let's just go tell people that you can kill someone to release your frustrations! Oh sure, that helps!

I think I'll go back to listening to underground music...not that I'm really rebelious or anything.
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