June 14th, 2001

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Saddam Hussein recently ghost-wrote a 160-page romantic novel, "Zabibah and the King," according to CIA sources interviewed by The New York Times in May, which included a rape sequence in which his heroine (whose name translates to "people of Iraq") was invaded, probably as an allegory to the Gulf War. Sample dialogue: The King: "I'm a great leader. You must obey me. Not only that, you must love me." Zabibah: "The people need strict measures so that they can feel protected by this strictness." [New York Times, 5-25-01]
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more strangeness

Debby Messer of Livonia, Mich., filed a $1 million lawsuit in February against her late ex-husband, Gordie Milner, claiming that because he allegedly harassed her after their divorce, she still fears him to this day and cannot stop imagining that he is lurking around her. She said she knows full well that he passed away six months earlier but said that he still "continue[s] to hurt me [and] hurt the children." [Associated Press, 2-5-01]

Martin Joyce, 20, filed a lawsuit in April against Reese's Tavern in Warminster, Pa., for serving him alcohol, which he says caused him to get shot. According to the lawsuit, if Reese's hadn't served him illegally, he would not have thought it such a good idea to stop a motorist just outside the bar to ask to borrow money to make a phone call. According to a police report, when the motorist declined the request, Joyce became belligerent, reached into the car, punched the motorist and threatened to kill him. The motorist then pulled out his licensed gun and shot Joyce in the stomach. [The Intelligencer (Doylestown, Pa.), 4-11-01]
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okay people...
if you have a deadjournal account and you are on my friend's list here, let me know what your name is over there.
as always, i am aryx... i have been aryx since the bbs and 1200bps modems days. damn, i even remember 300bps modems, and vaguely recall 150bps modems, but i didn't have one of those--my first one was 300bps...geesh.
so anyway, my point is is that i am still aryx, even on deadjournal.
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rainy songs

There are so many songs out there about rain:
Raindrops keep falling on my head
Blame it on the Rain
Rain, Rain, go away

Does anyone know of any summer go away type songs?
Or do we all just enjoy summer so much that there isn't one?
Not that I want one... summer hasn't even started yet... it's just hot today, and I don't go to work for another hour...
I don't start 'til 5 now... I will definately have to install that A/C

Oh wait, what am I thinking? I live in CA! I don't have electricity!