June 12th, 2001

my lips


Keep putting down my leatherman, then forgetting where I put it...

I moved most of my big bedroom stuff into the little bedroom today... it'll be cooler in there.

My aunt gave my a huge fountain that I've set up in the plant room.

She also gave me an air-conditioner...but I can't put it into the window that I want to...it doesn't open up high enough. :( And the windows in my living room are too skinny... so I guess it goes into the dining room. *sigh*

Kitty's still a little freaked out about me moving the whole house around.
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my lips

Texas Girls

What is it about Texas Girls lately???
They are yummy!
Here on Live Journal, there is Jenny, Lillium, and Poeme (there was another, but I can't remember who at this moment).
There is Rachael, from the Dallas band, Uzigato... I took this picture in San Francisco on Halloween, 2000.:

And then there is Michelle who I met at Burning Man in '99:

Why are you all so yummy?