May 15th, 2001

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Gotta turn in early... supposed to wake up early to go get Cody. She never called tonight (must've been asleep) so I'm not really sure if this is going to happen. I will call when I wake up.

So, if she does come over, and she doesn't care if it's broadcast, you'll have another chance to watch a photo shoot. Not twistedlens, someone else. Then I might go to the hills this weekend to get some more... maybe.
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English lesson

This is one of my pet-peaves... misspellings of common words:

"A lot" is two words.

The phrases are "should've" (not 'should of'), "could've" (not 'could of'), "would've" (not 'would of'), etc. These are contractions. You are using a modal verb with the secondary verb, to have, and contracting them to represent how we slur the words together.

more than, less than, bigger than, older than, quieter than, faster than, etc
-- these are all comparison phrases. Notice that than is spelled with an 'a', not an 'e'. The word, then, is used in reference to time: 'this first, then that'.

'Your' is possesive... it does not mean 'you are', that would be the contraction, 'you're'.
When you use 'your', it is refering to something that you possess. 'Your car', 'your clothes', etc.

'Their' is possessive, it doesn't not mean 'they are', that would be the contraction, 'they're'.
'Their car', 'their clothes', etc.
'They're going on a vacation to Germany.'

'There' is a location. 'What is over there?', 'If it's not here, then it must be there.'

Okay, enough ranting.
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English lesson (revisited)

In this post, I want to talk about till and 'til.
We are starting to use the first word way too often when we mean the second. Even in the movies!
"From Dusk Till Dawn" That is the incorrect word.
In this case, we are supposed to be saying, "from dusk until dawn," and when we omit the 'un' part, we put in the apostrophe, 'til.
A till (which is a noun) is a device that goes on a tractor to plow soil, or the little plastic money holder that goes inside of a cash register.

And yes, the misunderstood to, too, and two.
Most people actually get the two as a number, so we won't dwell on that one.
To (with one o) is either a preposition or part of an english verb's infinitive form.
Preposition: to the store, to bed, etc. It is usually preceded with, "I am going..."

Infinitive verb: to run, to eat, to smile, to be, etc. We break these up when we give a person the verb (ie, conjugate them): I run, you run, he/she/it runs, etc.
Another side note with this version. You do not split an infinitive. It is not 'to not run,' because you have seperated the 'to' from the 'run.' It would be, 'not to run.'
Also, believe it or not, when verbs end in 'ing' (running, walking, talking, etc) they are no longer verbs, now they are infinitives again, making them nouns. So in the sentence, "I am walking," am is the verb, walking is the noun.

I hope you're still reading, because here comes the 'too' part!
'Too' serves two purposes, too. The first one I just used in the sentence above. It means 'also.'
Most people know this one, so we won't dwell on that very long. Okay, over. Next
The one that 90 per cent of people seem to miss is when they are expressing a higher degree of something. What exactly does that mean you ask? Okay, let's say you're shopping for a car. You can say, "This is a big car." Then you go look at another one, and it's huge, 6 doors, 4 rows of seats for 12 passengers, TV, stereo... well, you get the picture. Obviously, it is a bigger car, and with just you, the wife, and the kid, maybe it's just a little bit "too big."
Not only are you saying it's big, which is one degree, but you've made it to an excessive degree, or beyond the normal or what is needed, it is now, "too big."

Okay, I's gots tuh kwit rantin and makes a fone call...
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photo shoot

Okay, Pyrophilia is having a photo shoot here today, somewhere between 3 and 4pm Pacific time.
I will be broadcasting the event. You will only be able to go to the 10 second refresh page from a link from here or her LJ account. I will post that link shortly before the shoot starts.
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Indoor photo shoot is now done... they're outside taking more pics.
Pyrophilia and I might do another photo shoot of our very own later tonight.