May 14th, 2001

my lips

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About a year ago, I had to kick someone very special to me out of my life. I will not go into the reasons here, but I will say that she had been my best friend for over 4 years.

I had a dream this morning that she had returned to visit Cody. I just happened to be with Cody when she showed up. We had been shopping in the Manteca Wal-Mart for some kind of electronics and camera stuff.
In the dream, this girl had just broken up with yet another boyfriend. However, it was obvious that she was pregnant. I'd say about 7 1/2 to 8 months along.
She wasn't hysterical, as I'd expect her to be in real life, mad that she let herself get pregnant, and dis'ing the boy she just broke up with.
After talking with Cody for a few minutes, she finally said hi to me, although I had been trying to avoid that.
Then my dream ended.
Very short.
my lips

photo shoot broadcast

Pyrophilia is having another photo shoot here tomorrow (Tuesday). I haven't asked yet, but I might be broadcasting it on the webcam again.
If it's okay, then I'll write a 10 second refresh html page, and will link to it only from here and her LJ account. I don't know the times yet, but it will be after noon Pacific time.
She will be doing fetish attire. So, if she does let me broadcast, you younger viewers may have to sit it out.
I will find out more later, and keep you updated.