April 27th, 2001

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Well, I was talking to some people at work about that boat I was looking at. It seems that $14.9G's is just a little high for it, but not by much. We're thinking that they probably still owe about that much on the boat, but maybe just a little less. The sign says that the interior is new, so they probably put more money into it.
I didn't get to speak with anyone, as no one was home at the time I looked at it. But, I was also told that this really isn't a good time of year to buy... the guy might be holding out for the highest bid (I would think he would have sold it by now, it's been almost a month, plus whatever time elsapsed before I ever saw it).
I also found out that boat loans are different than car loans... you can get long-term financing to really decrease the amount you pay per month. So I could get a seven year loan, and pay it off in three (I always have to pay my loans off early).
So here I go...
Do I look further and risk losing this one?
Do I get this one and find out there was a better deal elsewhere?
Does red wine go with chicken, or is it white?
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my lips

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Sunshine... on my shoulder... really burns me...

You are my (hic) moonshine... my (hic) only moonshine...

Memories..... how they linger in your nose *sniffs*.
my lips

Pics from my trip to Germany

Last summer, I went to Germany for a month. Here are but just a very few of the pictures that I took:
Castle Neuschwanstein

-- statue
-- little car

Translated: 'In this house, in 1895, William Conrad (W.C.) Roentgen discovered the rays which are named after (for) him.' Roentgen discovered x-rays (I'm an x-ray tech). In Germany, they're called, R�ntgenstrahlen, or Roentgen rays.