April 24th, 2001

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Found a new game on msn.com... it's pretty cool, called atomica, or something like that. It's by the same people who have bejeweled and alchemy.
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Sometimes I still think about her... usually after Cody comes over and we've talked about her.
It's been almost a year since I kicked her out of my life--I didn't mean to kick her out of my life, I just couldn't handle her living with me with the lifestyle she was living, so the intent was just to kick her out of the house.
She was my best friend for over 4 years. That last year was the toughest. I still don't know what really went wrong. But I can feel that our paths will never cross again, and even if they do, there would be such resentment towards me on her part. I forgave her, but I doubt she will ever forgive me.
I have had 2 lovers since then, but neither one lasted, and now it seems that neither one meant anything either.
I don't want this to be the pattern for the rest of my life.
I still seem to befriend girls who are in trouble, ones that don't feel that they belong to society, outcasts, abused, and street hardened.
Why is this?
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I don't think so!

Here's the boat that I just went and looked at...

Year: '95
5.0 liter (I think 4-stroke)
skis and fishing equipment included
300 hrs on the engine
But! The cost is just way too high:
That would take me more than a year to pay off!
Maybe if it was $7 or $8Gs, I could handle that a little better...
Oh well... I'll have to look elsewhere
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My other next door neighbor is moving out today.
She was only here for a month.
Apparently, a week after she moved up here (from Santa Barbara) she lost her job.
So, she's moving back there to be close to her family.
So, there are now 2 vacancies in my quad-plex. Anyone interested?