March 17th, 2001

my lips


Directory search is still down... [sigh}
I could have probably figured out the problem by now if I would have seen the programming code...
and LJ got a defective board, so now we're waiting on the replacement.
At least they've updated us in letting us know what is going on... I want to search out more people to add to my friends list... I like reading the interesting peoples' journals.
So, if you're on my friends list... that means I find you interesting in one way or another.
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my lips

getting sick

this cold is starting to wear me down.
the more sleep i try to get, the less sleep i actually get. try to go to bed earlier or sleep later, the earlier i wake up, or the longer it actually takes to fall asleep.
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my lips

(no subject)

Work is boring tonight... actually get a chance to sit down and play on the computer.

Speaking of the computer... supposedly, I am to start training any time now for a new position opening up, using the computers here at work. The lady who got the original position might be leaving, and they need someone to take her place. I don't know why they didn't give me the position in the first place... this lady didn't know a thing about computers at the time she started training... and everyone here knew that I was the computer "genius." But now that she's leaving, they want someone who can learn it faster than when she originally was trained. I say it'll take me less than a day to learn everything that they want to teach me. Supposedly, I'm to make more money doing this. I'm going to make sure that I sign the appropriate paper-work before I start any training.