February 28th, 2001

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Helicopter fanatics... just ran across this site... solotrek.
New type of VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing)
They are getting ready to test their prototype with some kind of tether thingy... already did the wind-tunnel schtuff...
Anyhoo... go check it out...
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my lips

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Getting ready to take Cody (aka Pyrophilia, SpiderFireFly, SpiderYogini, and about a dozen other names) home. So you won't see much updating in her areas for a little while--depending on when she comes back to play some more.

Today's plans... go to someone else's house and work on her computer... then come home to call someone to come over and play... if she wants to.
If she doesn't want to come play, then I guess I'll work on my website a bit... or scan pics for the journal, or I dunno...
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