October 12th, 2000

my lips

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too much stuff happening!
Hey, Selene... I tried to write back, but it said that it couldn't send e-mail to you... did you change your e-mail addy again, or maybe the server was down?
I have met an awesome woman. We have actually been talking for many months now on the internet, sent pictures back and forth. We have had some pretty serious conversations about our pasts. We have had some pretty serious conversations on just about everything. And I was starting to fall in love with her; someone I hadn't met yet in person. After all, she lives half an ocean away. But that doesn't matter.
Last night, she told me something that made me happier than I can remember... she had fallen for me too. It was completely out of the blue, I was not expecting it... we weren't saying goodnight yet, or anything. She just flat out tells me. And I admitted to her that I had been wanting to tell her the same thing for a while. I had thought she might not be ready to hear that. But I was mistaken. Damn, I wish I would have taken those flying lessons!
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