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Busy weekend, with lots of driving

Went to Pyro's house (30 miles away) and picked her and her brother up to go to my niece's b-day party (30 more miles to get back to Stockton, plus another 20 down into Manteca).
Back to my house to pick up clothes to stay over at Pyro's house that night (20 miles from Manteca, another 30 back to Pyro's).
Stayed the night at Pyro's.
Took Pyro and little brother to Moaning Caverns outside of Angel's Camp (about 40 or 50 miles).
Pyro and I repelled down the inside of a big cave (170 feet), climbed the stairs back up.
Practiced juggling stuff with the Asst. Mgr. of the Moaning Caverns who had invited us there and allowed us to do the whole thing for free! Normally, that's $45 per person.
Then went out for pizza.
Took Pyro and little brother home (another 40 to 50 miles). Dropped them off, and continued back home (plus 30 more miles).

It was a good weekend.

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