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Ahhhh, Christmas...
While many of you sit there with your family excitedly ripping open gifts with your children/parents, there is no doubt that the origins of this holiday are truley forgotten. All you silly Catholics, Christians, Protestants, indded, all you religions that have a single god (well, not the Jewish, because they really don't give a flying hoop about Christmas) all think it has something to do with some man named Christ from about 2000 years ago. Silly doofs. Christmas was originally a Pagan holliday and the celibration was for the Winter Solstice. Long before that funny man walked around who too many people think was white when indeed he was what we would today call Arabic, or Arabian.
Indeed, what we celebrate now as the beginning of the new year was also Winter Solstice. And for those of you who do not know when Winter Solstice is now, it's the day we say is the beginning of winter, or December 22. It is the day that, because of the Earth's 23.5 degree tilted axis, that the sun appears lowest in the Northern Hemisphere's sky at noon... shortest day, longest night, that kind of stuff.
So just why in the heck is Winter Solstice occuring on so many fricken days? Why can't we get it right. Christmas, at one time, indeed, used to be winter solstice, and so did our present new year's day. But that's a week apart, and the 22nd is three days before Christmas. Someone must be really whacked out of their mind creating all these days for winter solstice, no?
Like a top, not only does Earth spin on it's axis, but there is also a wobble to the Earth's tilt as well. Earth makes one complete "wobble" every 26,000 years (or is that 2,600?) Either way (the 26k or the 2,600), this causes the dates of our solstices and equinoxes (I don't think that's the correct spelling for the plural, but who cares at this point, right?) to change. Today, the North Star is known as such because it is a star relatively in line with the axis of Earth to our North. However, in half of the wobbly cycle, it won't be. Truth is, there's no start visible in the area of the axis of Earth once we reach that position. The North Star will be out of place by approximately 47 degrees! No worries, once the wobble is complete, it'll be back where it started. Just be reassured that you'll be dead before you have a chance to notice any of this.
Okay, enough ranting, go open your presents. Just remember, it wasn't Jesus that started this tradition you now hold so dear to your heart, it was those wonderful people, the Pagans.
God bless those Pagans!

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