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Tomorrow is my niece's birthday and b-day party.
pyrophilia and her little brother, bobbobbob (who hasn't written since last June), are going with me to the party. (bobbobbob is my niece's age, so they'll probably get along okay)
Then on Sunday the three of us (me, Pyro, and bob) are going to the moaning caverns.
My mom is having dinner on Sunday, which I was supposed to go to as well. But my mom forgot to tell me that it was on Sunday, so I never wrote it down... so I made plans for the caverns with pyro...
I guess I should start paying a little more attention to my family. I didn't know that my sister had to finally put her cat to sleep... last August!
If you were reading my journal last July, I mentioned that her cat, Lucy, had a tongue tumor. She had stopped eating and drinking water for a few days.
Then, on the day that my sister was going to take her in to be put to sleep, Lucy started eating and drinking like crazy, and started gaining weight, so my sister didn't go through with it. We thought that it was reducing in size and maybe she would start getting better.
She must've gotten worse again. I'm thinking they must've put her down when I was at Burning Man... but no one ever told me when I got back. Lucy was 13 years old. She was a good kitty. RIP Lucy.

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