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I got one of my e-bay purchases in the mail today.
"Rotary Wing Flight" -- aka, how to fly helicopters.
I just started reading it a little while ago (I'm still at work), and so far, everything that I've read is just a review of aerodynamic physics (ho hum).
Physics comes real easy to me... so I'm sorry if you think I'm being blase about the physics part. But really, physics is easy. At least, to me.
Aerodynamic physics is also easy. So it's review.
However, I am re-learning the anatomy of the helicopter. Stuff I knew several years ago, and have forgotten. It's coming back, slowly. Geesh! I'm only on page 12 (out of 100 pages), so give me a break! ;)
This book that I have is actually an Army Training Manual, but it's been edited so that only stuff pertaining to actually flying a helicopter is in here. It doesn't go in to how to launch missiles or anything like that. Because all helicopters, military and otherwise, all have certain things in common, that's what is included in this book.
I'm hoping that I'll receive my other package tomorrow... the one that is a set of plans on how to build an ultralight helicopter.
I doubt that I will actually build one, but I can go through the plans and use the more detailed anatomy that that book will show to get a better understanding of how things work. Once again, I am sure that it will all be review!
I hope I get it tomorrow.

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