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And now, through this amazing new exclusive internet offer, you can now own your very own Taliban! That's right! For a limited time, you can start your own collection of these amazing action figures to go along with your G.I.Joe series.
Declare Jihad on your family and friends!
Then send in Joe in his B2 bombers, and F-17s to completely obliterate them off the face of your living room floor!
Each action figure also includes a different strain of Anthrax that he must try to infect your G.I. Joe characters with.
Collect all 12 and you also get a free Osama bin Laden action figure!
But wait, there's more!
Collect 6 terrorist action figures and you can also receive this nifty Boeing 767 with American Airlines or United Airlines aircraft decals.
Keep G.I. Joe busy preventing terrorist attacks on your own turf!
Be sure to collect the "Fight Against Terrorism" G.I. Joe pilot and ground troop series.
And if you order within the next 10 seconds, we'll also throw in a talking George W. Bush Action figure!

Remember kids, play safe!
And for continual enjoyment of these action figures, remember not to use live amunition. Lighting the action figures on fire will also reduce the useful life-span of these highly detailed pieces.

As an added bonus, we'll also send you detailed satelite maps of Afghanistan that you can lay out on the floor so that your action figures can try to hide in caves!

All action figures are dishwasher safe.

Some figures require batteries and can curse you in Arabic or the Afghan language.

Action figures are not to be used as masterbatory toys.

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