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I am angry right now

We have one person in our ER with another on the way that have possibly been exposed to anthrax.

The person who is here now had a letter sent to her in the mail that had a white powdery substance in the envelope.

The second person coming in is an officer who had gone to the first person's home to take the report when the first person finally realized she should report the white powder.

I am not scared. I am angry.

Not at these patients for coming in. Hopefully, test results come out negative. Better safe than sorry.

I am angry at the very idea that this is happening.

I do hope that these are just cases of over-reaction. I would prefer that these people over-react. I would hope that no one would under-react... that is, not do anything when they should.

I am not afraid to die. Those of you who know me well, know this about me. Death is the least thing that a person should be afraid of... there are only two things that we cannot control in our life... being born, and dying. So why should there be any fear?
But, I am angry. I don't like the idea that someone else has the power to take my life away so easily.

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