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Okay people,
I want to play a little practical joke on someone here at work.
What I need:
Links to some good quality porno sites.
Soft porn pictures looking like banner ads.
Hard-core pictures with the appropriate anatomy censored, also to look like banner ads.
Pictures/banners should be made by the person submitting them to me, I don't want real banners. The more bizarre and funnier they are, the better!
I also would like banners that advertise penis enlarging equipment and male masterbatory products in such a way that I can insert a portrait picture of this guy. These, too, should be outrageous or too bizarre to believe.
If you would like to create a banner that says something like, "this product endorsed by...", e-mail me, and I'll send you the name to put in the blank.
I could also use just some regular pics. For this, I would prefer guys with erections, but I don't want to limit it to that.
I'm not really looking for beastiality, but if you have something completely weird, send it and I'll think about it.
Once I've gotten a porno site written on some free server, I'll post a link so that everyone can drive up the counters to make it look like it's been in business for a while.
Then I'll set up the computer that he always uses to start up on that page.
Gawd, I am so evil!

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