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For those of you who are Americans (includes me):
Please remember that Osama bin Laden wants you dead.
He doesn't care what you have or haven't done.
He doesn't care how old you are.
He doesn't care what race you are.
He doesn't care what nationality you are.
He doesn't care what gender you are.
If you are American, he wants you dead.
He's wanted you dead for over 10 years.
If you have a brother or sister, son or daughter that is under 10 years old, he didn't even want them to be born.
He has spent millions of dollars developing his army to kill us.
He hates us. Every single one of us. He, and his ilk, will continue to hate us and try to destroy us as long as they continue to exist.

To those of you who insist that war is not the answer, that perhaps we should talk to them, or try to come to some sort of agreement:
We've tried. For over 10 years we've tried. About 10 years ago he had the WTC bombed. Americans died. Last month, he had planes crash into it. Where he failed the first time, he succeeded in bringing the buildings down this time.
He doesn't understand anything but fighting. Sometimes, in order to win, we have to play their game, by their rules.

We are not at war with Arabs. We are at war with terrorists and those who aid and abet them. This is a price that the Taliban are learning.

Peace is preferable. But they struck first. This isn't about revenge. It's just our turn to play the game. Hopefully, it's the last move of the game. We've been playing for over 10 years already, people.

And if you're concerned about loss of civilians over there, please remember NYC and the WTC.

Now, you are free to have your opinion, too. If it contrasts mine, then I don't really want to hear it in a reply to this post. Several of you have been posting in your own journals your opposing views. Let's keep it that way.

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