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Last April I ordered a flash tube online for my camera lights.

I received an e-mail several days later stating that they had to back order the flash tube that I needed. It would take 7 to 10 days before they could get it in stock and send it off to me.

1 month later, I sent them an e-mail stating that it had now been a month, where was my flash tube.
I never got a response. I never got any updates. For the past several months I have let other things occupy my thoughts. The contract was they wouldn't charge my credit card until the tube had shipped. I didn't really forget about the tube, but I figured that it just wouldn't get filled, and I wouldn't do business with that company again.

I just opened up my e-mail. Item order shipped 10/02/2001. Tube cost, $47. Shipping cost, $9.95.

WTF! After all this time and they're still going to charge me full price? I don't think so! I will e-mail them back tonight AND call them tomorrow requesting that at the very minimum, they eat the shipping cost, if not shave a few bucks off the price of the tube. It's been almost 6 months since I placed that order!

If I was a professional photographer, I would've lost thousands of dollars in accounts because I didn't have my full lighting capabilities. I would've lost thousands of dollars if I had to buy a whole new set of lights. Those lights really do cost that much. I really do have over $10000 in camera equipment... that's ten thousand dollars! Having photography as a "hobby" is very expensive. That is if you're going to do it right.

Sorry... a little bitter right now, and over a 50 dollar tube doesn't seem too logical. But, I think for the reasons I explained, it makes a little sense. I'm just glad that I'm not a professional!

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