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Hello insomnia, my old friend.
You've come to talk to me again?
It doesn't matter what I have planned
In days ahead when I must stand,
You visit me in the night,
Keep me up until the light,
Of daybreak.

Soon I'll have to split my sleep
In half so that I can keep
My appointments with the world I make.
Does this mean that you will forsake?
Or shall I have the honor of two
visits everyday from you?

I cannot fathom what it must be like to go to bed and fall asleep in a matter of moments. I hear of people being able to do this. I've seen it happen. I don't remember it happening to me. Since I was in high-school (and maybe before?), I have always stayed awake longer than I wished. Thoughts and ideas racing through my head. Some I have written down, many I have lost, forever.

As you can probably read by the post time of this, it is after 5. I tried to go to bed at 4 this morning. I have 2 meetings on Saturday, one at 10, and the other at 11:30. Both are at times that I am normally asleep, simply because I am can not fall asleep soon enough to wake up. I was hoping all week to try to get to bed earlier so that I could attend these meetings after a somewhat decent amount of sleep. Obviously, that's just not going to happen. I'll still fall asleep around 5:15 or 5:30, have to wake up around 9, go to the meetings, then come back home and finish the sleep.
I did that for an entire semester when I started taking German. Guess I can do it again for a few Saturdays and Sundays while we all get trained to do this union thing. Yet another reason I voted no for the union. But it still passed, so I want to get involved.
And people wonder why I don't get involved with other stuff! HA

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