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Just replied to a statement by guppygrrl who was talking about a house that had caught fire just a couple of houses down from her.
I talked about Patches' incident with the fire department when my apartment complex caught fire a couple of Februaries ago.
I wasn't in the building, so the fire department had to break into my side as well (even though the fire was pretty much contained in the apartment next to mine).
They pulled out Patches, set her down at the bottom of the stairs, wherein she ran back up and they had to go catch her again. You see, Patches is an indoor kitty who is skittish. She hates it outside, and she doesn't like other people (except pyrophilia). So they brought her out a second time, this time one of the firemen had to just hold her until I got there (I was across the street. I didn't even know they had found her until someone came up to me and said they had my kitty.)
So it's embarassing enough that they had to rescue my kitty TWICE, but it also got recorded by the local TV news cameras!
Somehow, CNN also got ahold of it and ran it on national TV!
I still have the news clip on tape.
Maybe, someday, when I have the ability to record on the computer stuff from VCR tape, I'll upload it, or something weird like that.

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