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Food 4 Less may have cheaper prices...

...but they don't have nearly the selection that I'm looking for.
I don't shop there too often, so I don't really know the layout of the store; and as it was almost midnight, all the stockers were scurrying about trying to put everything in its place. I never did find the anchovies. But they aren't that important right now, I don't have anything to put them on, and I probably won't make more stew until Saturday. So I have plenty of time for that. But I couldn't find a lot of the things that I like to eat... like my pastas. Or, the stuff that they do have is all family size. I'm one person. Why do I need the 24 case of beer when a six-pack will last me a little less than a month? Well, beer and soda are a different story, they don't have to be in the refrigerator the entire time. But I know I don't need a tub of peanut butter. My last jar of PB was a little one, and it still went bad; but that may have something to do with sitting out in the sun at Burning Man one day (whoops).
But it was cheaper... $36 instead of about $50 or $60 for a 3/4 full cart of stuff...and their carts are bigger, too. hmmm
Will have to think about this. Save money but not have nearly the selection or bigger selection, bigger price?
I've got it! I'll go to F4L first, get all the stuff that I'm not picky about, then go to S-Mart and get all the stuff that I am!
Gosh, do I ever feel better.

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