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Insomnia has hit me again. It's 5am. Still need to go to sleep.
I did get up a little while ago just to figure out some of the other pictures I'm going to put on my website. Just a bunch of naked dancing girls. There's one who has, in my opinion, the best body in the whole world. But you can't see her yet, because I haven't uploaded it yet. :P
Before those pics go up, I have to put some pictures of the playa dust that invaded my tent and my truck, and then a few pictures that I took while I was leaving Black Rock. And THEN I can put up the naked dancing girls.
I also changed some of the pictures around... I had a girl in my "meet" section who I didn't really meet, a guy in the "skin" section who was actually dressed, and someone in one of the dancing sections who was someone I had chatted with for a bit, so put her in the meet area. Worked out good. Also switched another "meet" picture for a "cafe" scene, and vice-versa.
If you have no clue what I'm talking about, go to my Burning Man site for 2001! Now! Go! :)

When am I going to get some sleep?

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