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I'm thinking about buying a little bit of land. Land without a house on it. Somewhere where I can get away, and put a tent, with enough trees around to offer a little privacy but not really wilderness. I'd be getting in to the foothills area. I've found some land where it would be perfect for the camping situation, but building on it at a later time if I wanted wouldn't be practical.
I might have to buy two pieces of land. One for the camping, and another to build on later, or to sell off in the future to make some money.
The population to the foothills area around me is growing. Land is cheap. But it won't stay cheap forever. Eventually, that land may become prime property.

I keep mentioning on my journal all these toys and things that I want. A helicopter, a hovercraft, a bigger boat. The list from my life goes on and on. In the long run, this would be a wiser choice. Having property always looks good on paper. Having a pilots license, while great, won't help me in the scheme of things unless I become a tour flyer. And they don't really make enough to be worth anything, not around here.

I have to weigh my options very carefully.

As I am presently without a girlfriend or wife or anyone that requires money (read children), I should do this now.

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