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Got home from work around midnight, after going to the store to get flour and a few other things. I wanted to make stew tonight.
I've never made stew before. I can make a killer salsa, and my soups are outstanding. But I've never actually made stew.
Besides the fact that I used too much water, it is very tasty.
I didn't really follow a recipe... although I read one through a few days ago to get the gist of what needed to be done.
So I browned my floured stew meat, put it in a pot of water, added potatoes, carrots, garlic, onion, and celery, along with various herbs and creole spice. Then I did something extra. I added a can of beer (my kitchen smelled so good!!!) and anchovies.
Yes, I like anchovies. Love them in fact. So I added some.
As I mentioned, I had a little too much water, but that's okay.
This stuff is so yummy!
I'm proud of myself! My first time making stew.

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