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quick question

For those of you who have already viewed my rough draft version of my Burning Man 2001 section, or for those of you who want to look and follow the link below, I have a quick question.

At this time, I have the journal side set up not to include scoll bars, and you have to click "previous page"/"next page" links to go from one page to the next. It's all one html file, I'm just using #first, #second, etc anchor tags to seperate them to make them look like different pages. The problem is that many people have browsers set up with default fonts to a size of their own liking. Being one who likes simplicity, I rarely write my websites to change fonts away from peoples' defaults. Because of this, some people are viewing a little less of the burning man page than I want to show. They are unable to see the "previous page" and "next page" links. This can be corrected if you have a mouse with a rolling button as the middle button, but not everyone has that.
So, I am thinking about allowing the scrollbars back, and actually making the entire journal just appear as one page.
I am asking if this would look better, just to put the scrollbar back and having people scroll down as they read. Or should I keep the multiple page format, and write code to adjust peoples's fonts to fit, no matter what size browser they have?
As I've said, I prefer to remain simple in my writing, and would prefer not to write all the code. But I will for aesthetic reasons if that's a concensus.

If you have not yet seen my rough draft version, here's the link:

If you have seen it, and given comments in the past, I want to know what you think, too. Should I just make it all a page 1 and you just scroll up and down?

I am working on the journal side now, so it actually looks a little different than what is uploaded... I have added a little more, and I've started adding the burn pictures, but otherwise, at this time, it looks the same.

Any thoughts are welcome--it's still a rough draft.

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