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In the past couple of days, my desire to get my pilot's license has increased significantly. Whether this is due to the possibility that the process has just become a little harder, or some of our focus is being paid to flying machines, or something else entirely, I am not certain.
I prefer to learn to fly a helicopter. It is said to be more difficult than learning to fly a plane, but I think that's people just spouting nonsense because they don't understand the control system.
On a plane, it's easy to understand if you pull back on the controls, you go up, and pushing forward starts you at a decline.
But helicopters can do many other things. They can fly sideways and backwards. They can even hover in one spot. And it's not like you can let go of the controls when hovering, you are constantly having to make minor adjustments to account for wind.
Yes, the controls do seem to be in a weird place, one to the pilot's left and down by his side, and the other between the legs. I think everyone (helicopter pilots that is) is used to it. I haven't seen any of the military's new designs, but I'm sure they've got a different system, in order to make handling several functions simultaneously possible.
One interesting thing I've learned from talking to helicopter pilots: the remote control functions for flying an RC helicopter are almost identical to flying a real one. Each "stick" on the remote control acting like its counter part on a real ship. When using those same controls for an RC plane, things can get confusing, one stick acts as the pedals, and the other the main hand control. But not with the helicopters.
I don't know this for sure, because I've never gotten to play with any of these.
But I'm thinking, I probably won't be able to start taking any lessons until next summer sometime, so maybe I'll get myself an RC helicopter, and learn to play.
They are being sold on e-bay for $100 to 1000. I don't understand a lot of the technical jargon, as far as the motors being this and such, etc, because I haven't had the chance to play with RC before.
The bad thing, Stockton doesn't really have a hobbies store anymore. I remember there being one with hundreds of RC planes and helicopters, among trains and all sorts of other things... but it went out of business.
So, I guess I'll have to try to find something on the net that answers my questions about what specific motors and everything else is good for. Or should I just buy one from e-bay, and see what I get?

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