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Due to overwhelming non-response to the prior announcement that the color orange had been cancelled, authorities have now realized that there was an error in communications, and that the color orange, completely guilty of everything for which it was accused has been temporarily re-instated into the spectrum.
It has since been discovered that it was supposed to have been the number 3 that was to have been cancelled.
We wish to reiterate, it is the number 3, not the color orange, that has been cancelled.
All notices regarding the color orange have been rescinded.
Please extend all information regarding the color orange to be all inclusive of the number 3.
We repeat:
It is the number 3, not the color orange as previously reported, that has been cancelled.
The color orange has been reinstated, guilty of all for which it was accused.
All labels that had been placed on the color orange must now be afixed to the number 3. Please disregard any other notices regarding the color orange.

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