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connected at work

For the last three days, I have had very little sleep.
I am cranky here at work.
I finally treated my supervisor (not my boss) the same way he treats the rest of us when we do something "wrong."
I told him he had done something wrong, and had a definate sound of anger in my voice. The whole issue is trivial, but I just wanted him to feel the same way that many of the rest of us feel when he does it to us.
I didn't do it in a way to make him feel that I was making fun of him for his error, I just wanted him to know that the error he had made had upset me, especially because it affects me.
But some of this is because of how tired I am.
The problem this time is not my insomnia. In fact, I am falling to sleep rather quickly when I go to bed. Unfortunately, now I am waking up within a couple of hors, and then not being able to fall back to sleep.
I went to bed at 4 this morning. I've been up since 6.
This has been happening to me for the past 3 days.
Tonight, I will take a sleeping pill when I get home from work, which takes at least an hour to work... so I'll go to bed around 3 (I get off at 1:30), and hopefully, it will keep me asleep past 6 O'clock 'til at least noon, if not a little later. I just want to sleep more than a couple of hours in a night.
It's 10 minutes to 9, and I feel I've been here at work all day long, and all night.
It is so incredibly slow here that it just worsens the feeling, as time just drags on at a snail's pace.
I must sleep, or I'll start going crazy... and this is more literal than most of you may know.

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