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More problems with the code rewriting. I've just about finished getting the bells and whistles I want, but there's this one itty bitty problem. I started testing it on Netscape Navigator, and nothing. Darnit! I won't be satisfied until everyone can see my new site. So I'm going to have to write code that will work on NN now. Believe me, this is for me. I would prefer everyone use Internet Explorer, but I know that there are people out there that prefer NN. And because I want those people to view my site with me, I need to be the one that does the thinking.
I've figured that the NN people just won't get as much out of my site as the IE people.
So, I've created different directories for IE and NN versions of my site.
I also need to still rewrite a lot of my internal pages, which is actually just getting them edited and updated; after all, they are several years old.
But before I do any of this, I need to go to work.

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