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I don't understand

We are the land of the free.
Anyone, with any belief, religious or otherwise, is accepted here.
Why is it that we should undergo such things that have happened today by the very people that could live here without persecution?
Why is it that our ideals and philosophies must come under attack when we allow all such philosophies and ideals to survive and thrive in such a country?
It doesn't matter if you are atheist, catholic, hindu, marxist, protestant, etc. There is a place to practice for all of them here in America.
Why do I bring up religion? Because most wars of the last couple of centuries are based on, "My God is better than your God." This is true, especially in the Arab nations, which are primarily responsible for terrorist actions. Each Arab country has been fighting with their neighbors for theis very principle for many centuries. "Your God is not the correct God. You are worshipping a devil, therefore you must be destroyed." That is their philosophy in a nutshell. I point to the Arab countries because they practice terrorism like a religeon. I just can't see the Chinese, Europeans, or Australians lowering themselves to such a level that the Arabs have.
At this point, our government has not even begun to work on this problem. Our goal right now is the rescue of as many people as possible. Our technology is at the point where we can find clues and traces of what happened even several years later.
So if this is, indeed, some form of terrorist attack on our nation, not only will we figure out who is responsible, I think that at this time, most Americans will agree that it is finally time to do something about it.
What I do not understand is why.
What is it about us that most of the rest of the world does not like?
Is it our arrogance?
Is it our compassion?
Is it our stupidity?
And why is it that some people/countries/etc feel that they must destroy us because of whatever it is?
Okay, I've finally heard someone on TV pointing to Iraq and/or some other terrorist Arab nation. It's "speculation".

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