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Got an extra hour of work in tonight. Didn't want to, just so busy, had to try to catch up.
Didn't help my toe at all... until today, the swelling had started going down. On my feet all day caused the swelling to come back. The bruise is just about gone, though. It was almost to normal color... now it's all red again. {pout}
Got mail today from the union...I'm officially on the bargaining committee. Weird thing is that in x-ray, just about all of the things the rest of the hospital is fighting for, we've already got. Guess x-ray will be easy to bargain for. "Status quo!" hehehe
I have a meeting on Wednesday at 10. I'm supposed to have Cody back by noon on Wednesday, which means if the meeting goes past 11, I'll have to leave early. I should bring her along, so she can see a bunch of adults bitching and whining, and trying to set an atmosphere of emotion to get these proceedings underway. This is one of the reasons why I have to be on the committee... these people think that emotions are the way to take control. Not with management... they want logic, not emotion. I deal in logic very well. That should move me up the ranks pretty quickly.
I don't know yet if I've been elected as one of the stewards or not. I guess the election is at the same meeting on Wednesday... I'll have to reread my mail.
Galaxxy Chamber is finally playing on a night that I don't have to work. I might go in to the City just to see them for old time's sake. Maybe Cody will come too... I doubt they'd even recognize her! Well, I doubt they'd recognize me... I have a lot longer hair now. :) And maybe I can have Cody put some extensions in my hair while she's here... we'll see what my mood is.
I have the munchies. But I'm also tired as hell.
If I don't eat now, I'll wake up in a few hours and have to eat something then, so I might as well just do it now.
But I've been eating like a pig lately, constantly munching. I'll make a meal, eat snacks while the meal is being made, eat the whole meal, then go back and munch on more snacks... lots of eating. Maybe I'll finally gain some weight!

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