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Just got e-mail saying I can use the picture. So my site will pretty much look the way it is now, except, as I've said, I need to get pictures of the Burn, and then a few others as well.
At this point, I've already got 100 thumbnails loaded in. This is going to be my biggest Burning Man section yet.
The average file size for the full sized pictures is around 85kb, and 100 of those quickly jumps me to 8mb disc space. I have 3 previous years' burning man pictures, plus a big Galaxxy Chamber site, so I'm not sure how much room I have (50MB is my max). And all of the pictures that have been posted in my journal, not to mention Cody's journal, are also stored on my server...
So I'm fairly certain that I'm going to have to move some stuff. I'll probably move Galaxxy Chamber and BM pics from '98 and '99 to free servers, with auto-links to them from my site.
This should be enough so that I know I have plenty of space to upload all of my full-sized images... yay!

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