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Well, I was supposed to be working on my Burning Man 2001 website area today. Didn't happen.
Instead, I spent the day looking for Macromedia's Flash software in the stores so that I wouldn't have to download it (still on dial-up...what the frack is my problem!?). I never found it, but I found some books at B&N that had the trial version on CD-ROM.
Went through quite a few of the books, even the ones without the CDs in them. Finally decided just to get the Flash 5 for Dummies, complete with CD.
So, I've been spending the last couple of hours playing around and learning how to make Flash movies.
Yeah, I'm that slow. I know most of you probably are thinking, "what took him so long!?"
Oh well...
It's cool.
So, now, I have to decide, do I want to incorporate Flash into my BM2001 area, or just the intro screen to my whole site, which is what I've been wanting changed for quite a long time.
My site isn't even a goth site anymore! Geesh... I should get rid of the vampire fangs and turning ahnks, and change them to crosses and Jesus figures.... just kidding on that last part.

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